Monday, December 9, 2013

Candy canes and Santa Claus!!


I am going to be talking about how candy canes were made and Santa clause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this topic is good for this season because it is getting close to Christmas and who doesn't want a candy cane sorry if your allergic to mint or something in the candy cane. Here are some things i find interesting on Santa Claus and candy canes. 

1 Disney land is the only place were they candy canes by hand. 

2 Santa has to visit 8,022 homes in a second to deliver every ones present traveling at six hundred and 50 seconds.
3 the first candy canes had no stripes.
4 He's only been " Santa Claus" for 200 years.


My opinion on this is that this is very fun  to talk about some thing that i actually like. I like this because who doesn't like Christmas or candy canes. Info from People who will find this interesting is people who like Christmas and CANDY CANES!! My thought on this topic is that it is interesting and fun   to do.

Top 5 Santa Clause




3                    45

Top 10 candy canes



Did you learn anything new?
In the comments below name 1 thing you really want for Christmas!!
See you next time!!;) 1D

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