Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music can help you Think?



My topic is about if can music help you think. 
 I choose this topic because i really like music  and when i need to calm down i can just go listen to some music.
Three thing i found interesting about this topic is that different kinds of music helps you clam down,sad, angry,e.c.t . Another interesting thing i found is that babies respond to music before their even born. And the last thing is that music can help lower blood pressure and even relive pain.


My opinion on this topic is that it is amazing what music can do. I formed this opinion by just simply loving music. recourse What people will find this interesting is people that love music like me. Music is my life.

Top 5 songs

1 Royals by Lorde
2 Story of My life by One Direction<3
3 Unconditionally by Katy Perry
4 Roar by Katy Perry
5 The Fox( What Does The Fox Say) by Ylvis

My Top 5 songs 

1 Story of My Life by One Direction<3
2 Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran <3
3 Dark Horse by Katy Perry<3
  Radioactive by Imagine Dragon<3
5 You and I by One Direction<3

Question and  challenge.

I Challenge you to name one of your favorite songs . 

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