Friday, May 30, 2014



Today i am going to be talking about Zeus. Three facts about Zeus is that he has the lighting bolt. 2 He married and had children with his sister. 3 he was the most powerful god. Some characteristics  of Zeus are that he is the head of all the gods, He is very big, and he had allot of children with allot wife's. He was respected because he had the lighting bolt.

          My opinion on Zeus is that he is verypower

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Technology Messing with your Brain?

   Is technology messing with our brain?
I don't think think technology is messing with our brain because technology helps us with alot of things if you need help with math like fractions you can go onto YouTube and search how to _ fractions. Another way is that if you need to search up facts about the civil war because your writing an essay you could go to Wikipedia and there. My last way is that if you want to make rainbow cupcakes and you don't know how to make it you can go on a blog or YouTube to find out.

Technology is not doing anything bad because if you need help with something  like math and go on youtube and search up what u need help with. Technology helps here because if the teacher didnt explain it  well then you would get the homework and the teacher would be mad at you.
  The second reason is that if you're having a bad day or something bad is happing and you need something to cheer you up you can go on YouTube and watch one of your favorite you tubers to cheer you up. In this case technology can save your life even music can  save your life people say that YouTube ( YouTube) have acutully saved them from cutting them self and harming themselves

Technology is Good because it is helping us connect with the people all around the world if your dad is in the military and you haven't seen him in a month you could Skype him and it will make you feel better.

There are many reasons why technology is good for you or bad. But toaday we focused on the good like you tube saving your life, seeing your dad and more.
 I challenge you guys to name your favorite you tuber. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Best and Worst of 2013

                           The Best and Worst of 2013

   Today I am going to be talking about " The Best and Worst of 2013"
    What i remember from 2013 is the death of Paul Walker, Paul        Walker was an American actor, model, and philanthropist, and father. He was in the hit movies "Fast and Furious". The movie Fast and Furious 7 had to be written over again because of his death. Now I think that was enough sadness now lets stick to the positive about Paul walker. Paul walker has a charity were he helped out a lot of people. And he also was a father of Meadow Rain Walker.

                             Pop Culture/Internet

    2013 was an awesome year in pop culture and the internet well for me it was. The most memorable thing in pop culture for me was the V Ma's that was awesome three of my favorite you tubers went.  The thing that really people, well that's what people said is Miley  Cyrus twerking ,  I  think they were exaggerating  but oh well. what i really liked is when One Direction performed and when they got an award some people booed them that was so rude, imagine your favorite artist getting booed after when it ended Lady Gaga went and told them that they didn't  deserve it and that they worked really hard then after that they took a picture. What affected me on YouTube  is that  i found out a group of youtubers that have a coll-ab channel  their are 6 of them and four of them live together but the other to visit very often. They taught me to stay positive, follow my dreams , don't let anybody put you down,work  my very best, stay cloudy and just have fun in what your doing" if  your not doing what you love then your wasting your time"and much more.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Walt Disney

                                     Walt Disney

     Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago,Illinois. When Walt was in his child hood he moved to  a farm in Missouri   where he learned who to draw. Walt Disney live his child hood with his 4 other siblings and his mom and dad Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney.  Walt attended high school in Chicago where  he took drawing and photography classes.  When Walt was 16 he drooped out of school and wanted to go to the army but they rejected him because he was to young. But ins ted he joined the red cross and they sent him to France for a year  just to drive an ambulance. One of his accomplishments was that the created the famous Mickey Mouse. Walt and his brother Roy are the founders of Disney Productions. Disney Productions is one of the best known ed motion picture company in the world! He also was the founder of Disney  land.

Interesting Facts about Walt Disney

 *Disney won 22 Academy Awards.
*Walt Disney wanted to create a full length animation movie even though people thought he was crazy.
* Disney died in Burbank, California.

   Walt Disney Quotes
"  I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs , I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true" 
     I think this means that if you don't live out your dreams and take risks you will not get to your dreams. That's why you take risks to get out of your comfort zone and make your dreams come true.
To pressure 
" All  our dreams can come true  if we have the courage peruse them."
    I think this means that if you have the passion and courage and work really hard then you can make your dream come true but if you don't you'll never get their. 

" It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
    What I think this means is that don't let people put you down because when Disney was younger  he said that he was going to create a full length animation movie an people thought he was crazy and wouldn't have a chance of doing that. Years later he made his movie and didn't let anyone put him down and is one of the works biggest animators.

     Walt Disney's accomplishments

Walt Disney made many accomplishments but here are some that stood out for me.
Walt Disney made "Mickey Mouse".
Mickey Mouse is probably one of the biggest cartoon in the world. To this day they still play Mickey Mouse on tv.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music can help you Think?



My topic is about if can music help you think. 
 I choose this topic because i really like music  and when i need to calm down i can just go listen to some music.
Three thing i found interesting about this topic is that different kinds of music helps you clam down,sad, angry,e.c.t . Another interesting thing i found is that babies respond to music before their even born. And the last thing is that music can help lower blood pressure and even relive pain.


My opinion on this topic is that it is amazing what music can do. I formed this opinion by just simply loving music. recourse What people will find this interesting is people that love music like me. Music is my life.

Top 5 songs

1 Royals by Lorde
2 Story of My life by One Direction<3
3 Unconditionally by Katy Perry
4 Roar by Katy Perry
5 The Fox( What Does The Fox Say) by Ylvis

My Top 5 songs 

1 Story of My Life by One Direction<3
2 Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran <3
3 Dark Horse by Katy Perry<3
  Radioactive by Imagine Dragon<3
5 You and I by One Direction<3

Question and  challenge.

I Challenge you to name one of your favorite songs . 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Candy canes and Santa Claus!!


I am going to be talking about how candy canes were made and Santa clause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this topic is good for this season because it is getting close to Christmas and who doesn't want a candy cane sorry if your allergic to mint or something in the candy cane. Here are some things i find interesting on Santa Claus and candy canes. 

1 Disney land is the only place were they candy canes by hand. 

2 Santa has to visit 8,022 homes in a second to deliver every ones present traveling at six hundred and 50 seconds.
3 the first candy canes had no stripes.
4 He's only been " Santa Claus" for 200 years.


My opinion on this is that this is very fun  to talk about some thing that i actually like. I like this because who doesn't like Christmas or candy canes. Info from People who will find this interesting is people who like Christmas and CANDY CANES!! My thought on this topic is that it is interesting and fun   to do.

Top 5 Santa Clause




3                    45

Top 10 candy canes



Did you learn anything new?
In the comments below name 1 thing you really want for Christmas!!
See you next time!!;) 1D

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why aren't There More Holidays + Black Friday

         Why Aren't  There more Holidays + Black Friday

  I am going to be talking about why aren't there more holidays and Black Friday. I choose this topic because i want more holidays and i want to know how they did come up with black Friday. Here are some things i learned from black Friday  and and more holidays,1 some holidays unofficial so people probably don't know about some holidays 2  the word holiday came from the old word haligdaeg 3 Black Friday started in 2005.I think this relates to thanks giving because thanksgiving is a holiday and black Friday is the day after thanksgiving. 

  My opinion to this topic is that i am very interested in both of these topics. I have never been to a black Friday so i am interested in both
 of these. The resource i used for this is People that would probably like this is people who celebrate thanks giving and who like black Friday. my finial thought on  this topic is that very interesting.




1 One Direction OUR Moment Fragrance
2 ipad mini
4 Call of Duty Ghost 
5Mac book pro

Have you remember about Thanksgiving?
I challenge to name one thing you want to get to black Friday. '
Thank you for reading and happy holidays!!!!!