Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Technology Messing with your Brain?

   Is technology messing with our brain?
I don't think think technology is messing with our brain because technology helps us with alot of things if you need help with math like fractions you can go onto YouTube and search how to _ fractions. Another way is that if you need to search up facts about the civil war because your writing an essay you could go to Wikipedia and there. My last way is that if you want to make rainbow cupcakes and you don't know how to make it you can go on a blog or YouTube to find out.

Technology is not doing anything bad because if you need help with something  like math and go on youtube and search up what u need help with. Technology helps here because if the teacher didnt explain it  well then you would get the homework and the teacher would be mad at you.
  The second reason is that if you're having a bad day or something bad is happing and you need something to cheer you up you can go on YouTube and watch one of your favorite you tubers to cheer you up. In this case technology can save your life even music can  save your life people say that YouTube ( YouTube) have acutully saved them from cutting them self and harming themselves

Technology is Good because it is helping us connect with the people all around the world if your dad is in the military and you haven't seen him in a month you could Skype him and it will make you feel better.

There are many reasons why technology is good for you or bad. But toaday we focused on the good like you tube saving your life, seeing your dad and more.
 I challenge you guys to name your favorite you tuber. 

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