Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Best and Worst of 2013

                           The Best and Worst of 2013

   Today I am going to be talking about " The Best and Worst of 2013"
    What i remember from 2013 is the death of Paul Walker, Paul        Walker was an American actor, model, and philanthropist, and father. He was in the hit movies "Fast and Furious". The movie Fast and Furious 7 had to be written over again because of his death. Now I think that was enough sadness now lets stick to the positive about Paul walker. Paul walker has a charity were he helped out a lot of people. And he also was a father of Meadow Rain Walker.

                             Pop Culture/Internet

    2013 was an awesome year in pop culture and the internet well for me it was. The most memorable thing in pop culture for me was the V Ma's that was awesome three of my favorite you tubers went.  The thing that really people, well that's what people said is Miley  Cyrus twerking ,  I  think they were exaggerating  but oh well. what i really liked is when One Direction performed and when they got an award some people booed them that was so rude, imagine your favorite artist getting booed after when it ended Lady Gaga went and told them that they didn't  deserve it and that they worked really hard then after that they took a picture. What affected me on YouTube  is that  i found out a group of youtubers that have a coll-ab channel  their are 6 of them and four of them live together but the other to visit very often. They taught me to stay positive, follow my dreams , don't let anybody put you down,work  my very best, stay cloudy and just have fun in what your doing" if  your not doing what you love then your wasting your time"and much more.

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