Friday, October 4, 2013

Re-living Super Croc


Super Croc was one of the biggest dinosaurs in pre-historic time.It was 40 feet long and it weighed 8 tons!Only the size of its skull was 4 feet,it lived 110 million years ago. Wouldn't be scary if it still was alive? Super croc was a vicious crocodile like  in the text '' This Croc Really Rocks"by  Time for Kids it said '' Its  six foot long skull had a long narrow jaw that was studded with  more than 100 teeth, which gave it a mighty bite. Also in the article  '' Ancient SuperCroc  Had Cousins'' it said that Super Croc   found ten years ago, it grew to be 40 feet long, 8 tons in weight , and lived in wet land areas which now are desert lands.



In my opinion I  think Super Croc is pretty cool. It was 40 feet long, as long as a school bus it weighed 110 pounds. I think its cool  because it had cousins that were like him like the Boar Croc from the article ''Ancient Super Croc had Cousins '' the Boar Croc  ran upright and it  slices its prey while running upright.

Top 10 facts

1 The most fragile bone in the skull of Super Croc is the ear bone.
2 The jaws of super croc  were nearly 1.8 meters.
3 Super Croc has a six foot long skull.
4 Super Croc has  132 teeth.
5  Super Croc has about 250 bones.
6 It weighs 8 tons.
7 It lived 110 years ago.
8 Super Croc has a body of armor.
9 Super Croc lived in wet lands.
10 The longest bone in Super Croc is  the  furmur. 


I challenge you guys to name one fact about Super Man!!!.... just kidding. Name one fact about Super Croc and you will get 7 imaginary COOKIES!!!


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