Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Horrible Emperor

The Emperor

Have  you heard of china's first emperor, if you have than you would probably  learn a little bit more but if you havent then lets start. His name was  through Qin shi huang he was obsessed  with his death that's scary he also had 70,000 clay soldiers or More! He had made a tomb winch took  over 36 years just for him and his wife's.


I personally don't like Qin  hes was obsessed with his death that's scary I wouldn't like to be thinking about death or me dying!   He  created the first version of the great wall of china that's pretty cool but remember he is still cruel. Qin came in to power in 246 B.C when he was only 13!! His tomb took 2 and a half kilometers!! Just for him!!  

Top 10 Facts !!!!

1  He had 80000  clay soldiers to accompany the emperor in the after life.
2 The sculptures are over 2200 years old
3 They were discovered by local  farmers while digging for water
4 Each face is unique 
5 Their height and a;so  varies by rank
6 Over 650 horses are part of the army
7 It is believed that the soldiers held real weapons
8 Over 7000,000 workers were employed for construction
9 Experts suggest that  the emperors tomb contains simulated  rivers
10 But the tomb has not been dug up yet

The video of  the 10 facts 


I challenge you to guys to tell me a fact that I did not put in this and you will get a free cupcake!!!
My finale thought on Qin is he is cruel and he does NOT get a cupcake!!!


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