Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The secrets of Advertisement


We all have seen many commercials some might be boring and for some you might be like I WANT TO BUY THIS. In the commercial down below there are going to be two techniques Emotional and Snob appeal. Emotional appeal- when some thing or someone makes you show your emotions like smiling,sadness and more.
  Snob appeal- this is for "special people" if you don't have it than your not cool. Now lets get started!

Paragraph 1

You might be telling your self what the heck does Emotional and Snob appeal mean now here  I am going to tell you what they mean. Emotional appeal- this just simply  means that is something makes you show your emotions like it makes you smile. Snob appeal- this just means that if you don't have this than your not cool or that everyone has it and you need to get one or your not cool. These are effective because they want to make you buy it because it makes you smile or laugh and that's showing emotional appeal and it also shows snob because it looks like the dad is the only person with the car winch makes you want  to have it.

I like this commercial because its funny because the little kid was trying  to move thing with either his hands or his brain and then he try's  on his dad car and it works not exactly his dad pushes  a button and it lights up and the kid is surprised because he thinks  that he turned the car on. Did  the strategies I told you make you want to buy the product? For me it did because when I first saw the video I did do Emotional and snob appeal it made me smile and it made me want the car. I think what will target the audience is the little kid trying to move things with his brain  and hands.I think the commercial will make money because it is sweet and simple. 

Top 10 Videos 


Emotional. This shows emotional appeal because
the kid is sending love letters to this girl and that
makes me show my emotions it makes me smile.


Emotional+ Snob. This shows  emotional and snob 
 because  its funny because  the kids say that the dad came 
late  to eat the macaroni.  


Emotional + Snob. This shows  both because there promoting kit kat and it makes you laugh.


Emotional + Snob  this  because there talking  about
there grandmas and that they wish they were faster and then 
the ad says that faster is better. 


<3<3<3<3<3  This is emotional because their  fighting about the Pepsi 
and then harry gets the Pepsi.



This emotional because  it is funny what the kid does.


This is emotional because  the kid thinks that the dad  will get 
better with cheerios. 


Emotional + snob because there trying to get you to buy the car and at the same
time its funny cause the hamsters.


Emotional because their babies.


Emotional  because  their trying to promote a phone and at the same time its funny.


I challenge you guys to cho
ose one  commercial and you will get an imaginary CAKE!!
And shot out to all the Directioners also comment down below if you are a Directioner because I AM!!!



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