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Walt Disney

                                     Walt Disney

     Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago,Illinois. When Walt was in his child hood he moved to  a farm in Missouri   where he learned who to draw. Walt Disney live his child hood with his 4 other siblings and his mom and dad Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney.  Walt attended high school in Chicago where  he took drawing and photography classes.  When Walt was 16 he drooped out of school and wanted to go to the army but they rejected him because he was to young. But ins ted he joined the red cross and they sent him to France for a year  just to drive an ambulance. One of his accomplishments was that the created the famous Mickey Mouse. Walt and his brother Roy are the founders of Disney Productions. Disney Productions is one of the best known ed motion picture company in the world! He also was the founder of Disney  land.

Interesting Facts about Walt Disney

 *Disney won 22 Academy Awards.
*Walt Disney wanted to create a full length animation movie even though people thought he was crazy.
* Disney died in Burbank, California.

   Walt Disney Quotes
"  I dream, I test my dreams against my beliefs , I dare to take risks, and I execute my vision to make those dreams come true" 
     I think this means that if you don't live out your dreams and take risks you will not get to your dreams. That's why you take risks to get out of your comfort zone and make your dreams come true.
To pressure 
" All  our dreams can come true  if we have the courage peruse them."
    I think this means that if you have the passion and courage and work really hard then you can make your dream come true but if you don't you'll never get their. 

" It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
    What I think this means is that don't let people put you down because when Disney was younger  he said that he was going to create a full length animation movie an people thought he was crazy and wouldn't have a chance of doing that. Years later he made his movie and didn't let anyone put him down and is one of the works biggest animators.

     Walt Disney's accomplishments

Walt Disney made many accomplishments but here are some that stood out for me.
Walt Disney made "Mickey Mouse".
Mickey Mouse is probably one of the biggest cartoon in the world. To this day they still play Mickey Mouse on tv.

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